Matt Masiar, CTO

Apr 20, 2018 | Team

Matt is a seasoned technical leader that is passionate about building dynamic teams and innovative products. He previously served as Web Team Lead at Plenty of Fish Media, where he was responsible for a number of large-scale technical initiatives. Matt led a team of developers serving a website with billions of daily page views and transactions. He was responsible for crafting a long-term strategy to improve team velocity and reduce bottlenecks in development and Continuous Integration (CI) processes. His current focus is on leveraging machine vision, machine learning and blockchain technology to create cutting edge compliance solutions.

A pioneer of web technology for almost two decades, he started his first company Aoulous Inc. in 1999.  The company went on to develop a number of products in the financial services space, including MorWEB, a web-based mortgage broker origination system, one of the first commercial applications to widely employ a dynamic JavaScript based end-user experience. Matt’s work has won numerous local and international web development awards, including the Webby Award, the Golden Web Award, and the W3 Award.

He has demonstrated expertise in architecting and implementing secure, high-performance, scalable applications. His background spans a unique combination of business strategy and technical realms aligning with his studies of a Double Major in Computer Science and History from the University of Toronto.