AML: Comprehensive Money Laundering Defense

Unearth potential risks associated with your customers using state-of-the-art Anti-Money Laundering (AML) tools.

Guarding Against the Silent Threat: Money Laundering in Modern Finance

The financial landscape is fraught with hidden perils. Every transaction, every customer relationship brings with it the shadow of potential money laundering – a silent, pervasive threat that can undermine trust, inflict severe penalties, and tarnish reputations irrevocably.

The iComply Advantage

Introducing AML Risk Screening by iComply. Transcending traditional measures, we provide businesses an astute, technologically advanced defense against money laundering. By meticulously cross-referencing against global sanctions, watchlists, and adverse media databases from industry stalwarts like OFAC, FATF, and HMT, we offer unparalleled assurance and peace of mind.

Why Choose iComplyKYC for
AML Risk Screening

What Makes iComply’s AML
Screening  Solution Stand Out?

Protect your business from AML compliance fines by understanding the risks associated with your customers.

Interactive User Interface

Navigate effortlessly with our easy-to-use platform.

Screening within Seconds

Quick and efficient screening for immediate results.

Access to Extensive Datasets

Utilize our access to 1700+ global databases for in-depth screening.

Enhanced Data Security

Rest assured with our top-notch data security measures.

Proof of Screening

Maintain comprehensive records with proof of each screening.

Fully Automated Monitoring

Keep up-to-date with our automated monitoring processes.

iComply’s AML Solution Reduces False Positives By Utilising Multiple Ai Models

Our AML solution performs individual and business screening against global AML databases in real-time. We leverage advanced AI technologies and human intelligence to identify high-risk entities and deliver highly accurate results.

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Getting Started With iComplyKYC

Begin your journey with us and elevate your AML risk screening process.

Legal Agreements

We have settled in with your service and are very impressed. I have every confidence in iComplyKYC for the UK, where increasing pressure from regulators to not only improve AML compliance, but also to be able to demonstrate it.

European Business Systems, London, UK

Managing Director

iComply automates over 80% of our compliance tasks and consolidated multiple vendors.

Alt 5 Sigma, New York, US


I love that we can adjust for regulatory changes or business needs without a big software build.

Stablecorp, Toronto ON

Head of Compliance

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