Modular KYC & AML: Revolutionized by Edge Computing

Powered by edge computing and AI, our platform delivers tailored solutions for KYC, KYB, and AML needs.


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Mastering the Compliance Maze

The Challenge: In today’s intricate regulatory landscape, businesses require agile, trustworthy solutions for their KYC, KYB, and AML obligations, aiming to remain compliant without hampering user experience.

The Solution: Experience our platform’s transformative capabilities. Beyond the comprehensive modular approach, we empower businesses with unmatched benefits:

Hassle-Free Integration: Seamlessly embed our easily-installed widget into your existing systems, ensuring a fluid transition to enhanced compliance measures.

Universal Accessibility: With dedicated web and mobile apps, facilitate compliance checks anytime, anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

Unyielding Authentication: Our liveness test ensures the authenticity of user interactions, greatly diminishing the risk of fraud.

User-Centric Onboarding: Designed with users in mind, our platform simplifies and accelerates the onboarding process, enhancing user satisfaction and retention.

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KYC (Know Your Customer): iComplyKYC™’s KYC module ensures swift and secure identification and verification of your customers. Our solution streamlines the customer due diligence process, helping you mitigate risk and stay compliant with ease.

KYB (Know Your Business): iComplyKYC™’s KYB module helps you verify the authenticity of business entities and corporate structures. Our sophisticated algorithm checks against global business registries, ensuring comprehensive and accurate verification.

AML (Anti-Money Laundering): Our AML module simplifies compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. With features like ongoing monitoring, risk scoring, and sanctions screening, iComplyKYC™’s  AML solution is designed to protect your business against financial crime.

Module Showcase: Your Compliance Toolkit

Application & Data Capture

Capture, ecrypt customer data

Identity Verification

FinTRAC level identification

Custimer Due Deligence

3rd party fraud, PEP, sanctions screening

Decision & Approve

Communicate approval or denial

Disclosure & Consent

Ensure privacy and consent

Account Funding

Deposite or transfer funds

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iComply allowed us to resume client onboarding and employee recruitment despite COVID lockdowns.

Ontario Provincial Police Credit Union, Toronto ON

Head of Operations

iComply automates over 80% of our compliance tasks and consolidated multiple vendors.

Alt 5 Sigma, New York NY


I love that we can adjust for regulatory changes or business needs without a big software build.

Stablecorp, Toronto ON

Head of Compliance
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