kyc, aml, and digital identity


Onboard, screen, and maintain KYC and AML compliance for natural persons and legal entities 


We Bring Compliance Teams Into The Digital Age

a seamless KYC experience

Verify identities on the edge

Create jurisdictionally specific workflows to match how your firm performs identity verification, document authentication, biometrics, supporting documents, data privacy and consent

Onboard corporates, trusts, etc.

Manage complex legal entity structures; identify, authenticate, and screen legal entities as well as their directors, officers, beneficiaries, and all affiliated natural persons or legal entities

Monitor risk in real time

Use machine learning and natural language processing to reduce costs, false positives, and manual processing of AML risk data for sanctions, watchlists, political exposure, and adverse media screening

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our clients and partners

Online Banking

Institutional, Corporate, Personal Banking

Payment Processors

e-Money, Money Services Businesses, Money Transmitters

Trading Platforms

Exchanges, Marketplaces, Robo-Advisory

Online Gaming

Gambling, eSports, Gaming

Capital Markets

Broker-Dealers, Investment Banking, Wealth Managers

Private Markets

Exempt Market Dealers, Private Equity, VC, OTC


Entity Databases, Elections, Registrars

Featured Client: ALT 5 SIGMA

Alt 5 Sigma, Inc.
is a digital assets trading & custodian platform that serves retail and accredited investors around the globe.

iComplyKYC Pro automates 91% of all compliance lifecycle tasks for Alt 5 Sigma.Learn how in this client case study.


A secure, easy-to-deploy compliance solution to manage the full lifecycle of KYC and AML administration for each client.

A configurable, non-custodial suite of tools to manage compliance for the issuance, trading, and reporting of tokenized assets.