iComply: Shaping the Future of Secure Digital Interactions

Ensuring Trust in Every Digital Transaction


At iComply, we envision a future where individuals, businesses, and communities operate within trusted and secure digital ecosystems. Our commitment lies in creating environments where transactions are not just compliant and transparent but also bolster trust, accountability, and privacy. We are on a mission to lay the foundation for a world where everyone thrives in safety and equity.


Trust in Every Transaction
We’re not just about compliance; we’re about embedding trust into every digital transaction. From the individual user to global corporations, our dedication ensures that every interaction is enveloped in trust, allowing you to focus on growth, innovation, and fostering meaningful connections.

Meet the Team Section

A Symphony of Expertise

At the heart of IComply’s innovative solutions is a robust team of industry veterans and tech enthusiasts. Their collective prowess defines and refines the way digital transactions are viewed and experienced across the globe

Matthew Unger

Matthew Unger

CEO & Founder

Matthew Unger is founder and CEO of iComply. After exiting a successful wealth management firm at 26, Matthew spent a decade working on technology projects for Canadian financial services. Matthew has studied blockchain, AI and Business Strategy at MIT, he holds multiple US patents on blockchain technology and is an internationally recognized public speaker on fintech regulation and compliance. As an author, Matthew has been published in The Economist, Forbes, and Finance Magnates.

Matt Masiar

Matt Masiar

Chief Technology Officer

CTO of iComply. Pioneer of web technology for over two decades. Spearheaded development of several highly secure, high-performance web platforms. Winner of multiple local and international awards for web development.

Veronika Chernikova

Head of Product

Veronika serves as the Head of Product at iComply, showcasing her expertise in leading development teams and managing complex software projects. She combines her Applied Mathematics degree from Simon Fraser University and AI certification from IBM with strong leadership skills, ensuring projects are timely, on-budget, and of top quality. An effective communicator, Veronika also boasts a UI/UX certificate from Google, positioning herself as a key asset in both technical and strategic facets of product development.

Theo Birch

Head of Marketing

Theodora Birch is the esteemed Head of Marketing at iComply, boasting over 9 years of expertise spanning communications, digital marketing, and content strategy. With a rich background that includes roles at the BBC, Reuters, and MASECO Private Wealth, she has demonstrated significant impact by driving a 25% sales growth in e-commerce platforms and pioneering strategies for renowned brands like PlantX. A University of Bristol and King’s College London alumna, Theodora uniquely blends technical proficiency with a sharp marketing acumen.

Kerry J.

Customer Success Manager

Kerry is a seasoned financial professional with over 5 years in risk management, compliance, and fraud prevention. Beginning her journey as an AML analyst at a top bank, she showcased an innate ability to identify and mitigate financial risks, eventually transitioning into fraud investigation. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with departments like compliance and legal to uphold stringent regulatory standards. Beyond work, Kerry is passionate about volunteering, supporting the homeless and underserved communities in her city.


Shaping a Trusted Digital World: Our Core Beliefs


At the very heart of IComply is trust. It is the foundation upon which we’ve built every facet of our services. Through transparency, sustainability, and unwavering commitment, we ensure that our services align perfectly with our clients’ needs.


Holding the banner of compliance means that accountability isn’t just a value—it’s our promise. Whether it’s our internal decisions or the services we extend to our clients, we pledge to uphold the utmost standards of ethical behavior and compliance.


In the digital age, security isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. And at iComply, it’s a right we fiercely protect. Through continuous innovation, we shield our clients from cyber threats, fraud, and other potential risks.


Every user’s privacy is sacrosanct. Our commitment to privacy extends beyond mere policies—it’s a culture. We champion the cause of individual data rights, ensuring transparency and providing control over personal information.