The Economist + iComply: Banking on Blockchain

by Oct 28, 2019

The Economist + iComply: Banking on Blockchain

Oct 28, 2019 | Blog, iComply Insights, In The News, News & Events

As Seen In: The Economist and iComply – Banking on Blockchain

This September, iComply Investor Services partnered with The Economist on their Future Banking and Payments series to publish our “Banking on Blockchain” article covering the latest industry data regarding tokenization and blockchain technologies, and dispelling the broad misconceptions that people hold about this emerging digital market.

As the world of finance becomes increasingly automated, institutions will be required to maintain stricter regulations on how their digital systems handle customer data, financial models, and compliance reporting.

Using a blockchain, companies can open the door to comprehensive, intuitive business practices–spending 80-95% less on administration to automatically manage clearing, transfers, settlements, and compliance, at 1/160th of the time it typically takes in the public markets.

Addressing some of the key falsehoods about tokenization, iComply dives deep into proven industry insights regarding how tokenization is helping businesses save time, effort, and money on their compliance. 

To read the full article at The Economist, click here.

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