iComply Wins Top Enterprise Blockchain Solution

May 29, 2018 | In The News

May 29, 2018

Vienna, Austria iComply Investor Services (iComply), a Canadian RegTech company offering powerful data, verification, and tokenization solutions for multi-jurisdictional digital finance, is announcing that the company was named the top blockchain solution at GovTech.Pioneers.

GovTech.Pioneers is Europe’s leading event for politicians, public CIOs and other leaders of the $400 billion GovTech market. Of the over 350 startups from 65 countries and four continents that entered the competition, iComply was named the top blockchain solution.

“We are excited to receive this recognition from GovTech.Pioneers, it has helped us engage leading European states to demonstrate how decentralization can enable a more efficient market with higher standards of investor protection – even compared to traditional capital markets. The cryptocurrency, security token, and traditional global capital markets have become rife with scams and misinformation, our solutions are built to help regulators and investors separate the good from the rest.” said Matthew Unger, CEO of iComply Investor Services.

iComply’s first product, Prefacto™ enables companies to apply real-time compliance and governance to the secondary trading of tokens on open public ledgers such as Ethereum.

“With Prefacto™, non-compliant trades can be denied or escalated to the issuer’s compliance team for manual review. This helps issuers make sound decisions based on quantified AML, risk, compliance, and governance standards. Once a trade is approved or rejected the issuer can be completely transparent with their regulator using the Compliance Ledger™,” added Unger.

The company offers a broad enterprise suite of compliance solutions for digital finance and is focused on bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrency markets by improving record keeping, transparency, and reporting capabilities. The term “KYC” is not standardized among service providers and with some of the top fintech platforms on the market using solutions that can’t meet the requirements set by financial oversight agencies such as Fintrac, Fincen, European Commission or OFSE. 

Currently, iComply is the only compliance provider in the cryptocurrency market that offers both sanction limitations to token trading and comprehensive risk reporting on cryptocurrency wallets and source of funds.

iComply identified this gap as an opportunity to use blockchain technology to enhance the best practices of traditional sanction screening, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing for the decentralized financial markets.

Since the company’s first product release was announced by Bloomberg Law in February, iComply was joined by senior compliance and regulatory officials to the team including Jeff Bandman and Manny Alicandro

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