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iComply for telecoms

Telecommunications companies worldwide are facing increasingly sophisticated challenges with user identification and retention, data protection of key stakeholders, and delivery of seamless digital experiences for their users.

iComply provides telecoms a fully integrated, banking-grade solution to meet the stringent requirements for digital onboarding, digital identity verification, and other regulatory requirements to properly support their policies and procedures. Implement best-in-class tools for data privacy and security while drastically reducing your ongoing compliance risks and costs for the entire customer lifecycle.

Cellular Mobile Providers

Wireless Internet Providers

Landline Providers

Internet Providers

Cable TV

VOIP Providers

Ensure a Seamless User Experience

  • Streamline your customer onboarding experience while properly screening for risk with unique logic that covers more than 200 jurisdictions
  • Verify clients’ identities in under 20 seconds via digitized client onboarding workflows to authenticate and verify documents, biometrics, and identities
  • Integrate your transaction monitoring tools to trigger identity verification or biometric facial recognition workflows for your user in real-time
  • Witness e-signatures and document the legal identity of every signatory with biometric facial matching that is performed 100% client-side directly on the user’s device
  • Eliminate the need for users to download separate apps and deliver a true omnichannel online experience

Comply with Data Privacy Regulations

  • Ensure Strong Client Authentication standards are enforced throughout your entire identity verification process
  • Maintain local requirements for data sovereignty, governance, residency, and retention requirements by jurisdiction
  • Be confident that you are screening against the most up-to-date risk and intelligence data available
  • Process client information with artificial intelligence (AI) systems to analyze thousands of searches simultaneously

Reduce Costs with Simple Set-Up

  • Create drag-and-drop modules for easy and secure deployment into any website, client portal, or mobile application
  • Stop fussing with API integrations and maintenance: iComply’s RESTful APIs allow for convenient, intelligent integration
  • Configure continuous screening and receive real-time profile updates on existing customers
  • Reduce false positives with the help of fuzzy matching and Levenshtein distance algorithms
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and launch time with click-to-deploy compliance tools that securely handle your clients’ sensitive personal information