Interview with Matthew Unger, CEO of iComply, on Financial Crime Prevention and Deep Fake Prevention

by Jun 25, 2024


In this interview, we speak with Matthew Unger, the CEO of iComply, about the critical aspects of financial crime prevention and the emerging threat of deep fakes. Matthew shares his insights on how iComply is leveraging advanced technologies to enhance compliance and protect against these growing challenges.

Insights from Matthew Unger

Financial Crime Prevention

Q: What are the biggest challenges in financial crime prevention today?

Matthew Unger: The landscape of financial crime is constantly evolving, with criminals adopting more sophisticated methods. One of the major challenges is staying ahead of these techniques, especially as they become more complex and harder to detect. Financial institutions must not only comply with ever-changing regulations but also implement proactive measures to identify and mitigate risks early.

Q: How does iComply help in addressing these challenges?

Matthew Unger: iComply provides a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline and enhance compliance processes. Our solutions leverage cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automate and improve the accuracy of risk assessments, transaction monitoring, and identity verification. By integrating these tools into a single platform, we help organizations reduce their reliance on manual processes and minimize the risk of human error.

Deep Fake Prevention

Q: Deep fakes are an emerging threat. How do they impact financial crime prevention?

Matthew Unger: Deep fakes pose a significant threat to financial institutions because they can be used to create convincing fraudulent identities or manipulate voice and video communications. This can undermine trust and make it difficult to verify the authenticity of individuals and transactions. The ability to detect and prevent deep fakes is becoming increasingly important as these technologies become more accessible.

Q: What measures has iComply implemented to combat deep fakes?

Matthew Unger: At iComply, we have integrated advanced biometric authentication and liveness detection technologies into our platform. These tools can analyze facial features, voice patterns, and other biometric data to ensure that the person on the other end is real and not a deep fake. Additionally, our continuous monitoring systems are designed to flag any suspicious activities that may indicate the use of manipulated media.

How iComply Can Help

  • Comprehensive Solutions: iComply offers an integrated suite of compliance tools, including AML risk screening, KYC verification, and adverse media monitoring, all designed to help institutions stay ahead of financial crime threats.
  • Advanced Technology: By leveraging AI and machine learning, iComply enhances the accuracy and efficiency of compliance processes, reducing false positives and improving risk detection.
  • Biometric Authentication: Our platform incorporates robust biometric authentication methods to verify identities and prevent deep fake attacks, ensuring secure and trustworthy interactions.
  • Continuous Support: iComply provides ongoing support and updates, ensuring that your compliance measures remain effective against evolving threats.

Financial crime prevention and deep fake detection are critical challenges facing modern financial institutions. Matthew Unger’s insights highlight the importance of leveraging advanced technologies and comprehensive solutions to stay ahead of these threats. iComply’s integrated platform provides the necessary tools and support to help organizations protect themselves and maintain compliance in an ever-changing landscape.