Transaction Record

Jun 19, 2020

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A transaction record is a document that provides details of the full record of a client’s transaction history

A Transaction Record means that each credit or return applicable to a purchase of goods or services, and each payment received by Company from a Cardholder on Bank’s behalf may be:
(a) the Charge Slip or Credit Slip corresponding to the Purchase, credit or return; or
(b) a computer readable tape/cartridge or electronic transmission containing the following information: the Account number of the Cardholder, the Company’s Store number at which the Purchase, credit or return was made, the total of the Purchase price of Goods or Services purchased or amount of the credit, as applicable, plus the date of the transaction, a description of the Goods or Services purchased, credited or returned and the authorization code, if any, obtained by Company’s Store prior to completing the transaction; or
(c) electronic record whereby Company’s Store electronically transmits the information described in subsection (b) hereof to a network provider (selected by Company at its expense), which in turn transmits such information to Bank by a computer tape/cartridge or electronic tape or transmission.

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