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Document authentication is a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process of verifying that an identity document provided by a customer is authentic. The document’s authenticity is verified by matching its security features to the templates provided by the relevant document-issuing authority.

In legacy KYC management systems, document authentication is performed by tools like Document Checker, or by a KYC analyst manually visiting the issuing government’s website to make a visual confirmation.


Document Authentication with iComply

iComply significantly reduces the time and cost of document authentication by fully automating this KYC procedure. Using machine vision, the iComplyKYC platform enables you to confirm that the image provided of the client’s identity document has the proper security and identity features specified by the document issuing authority.

Along with document authentication, iComply provides document validation (confirming that the document hasn’t expired) and document verification services (cross-referencing name, date of birth, address, and biometrics with another reliable source of truth).

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