Team & Management

Our global team facing multi-jurisdictional compliance automation to ensure authenticity, trust, and integrity in digital finance.

Piotr Piasecki

Chief Blockchain Officer

Greg Pinn

Head of Product Strategy

Franco Gallo

VP Investor Relations

Zarah Tinholt

VP Corporate Development

Jordan Woolf

Chief Marketing Officer

Alex Worthen

Head of Partnerships

Dimitrij Gede

Business Development, Europe

Shane Sibley

Business Development

Markus Jeon

Technical Lead

Grigory Solomin

Senior Developer

Alex Moen

UX/UI Designer

Andrew Weiner

Business Development

Heath Baron-Morgan

Software Developer

Dorota Paleczek

Quality Assurance Manager

Brittany Whitmore

PR & Communications

Jim Mutter

In-House Counsel

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