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iComply for Virtual Asset Service Providers

As an active member of the blockchain community since 2017, we support the regulatory compliance requirements of OTC desks, law firms, cryptocurrency exchanges, digital securities platforms, and other VASPs around the globe.

As regulators continue to issue new guidelines and requirements for companies, iComply can help you to better manage the unique fraud, risk, and compliance requirements for each market you serve.

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Crypto Wallets

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Compliance for Virtual Assets

  • Comply with regulations by designing KYC refreshes, ongoing AML screening, transaction monitoring, and user re-authentication for the entire client lifecycle
  • Manage your risk and ensure you fulfill regulatory obligations in every country where your users are domiciled
  • Trigger KYC refresh requests, automate daily monitoring, and integrate blockchain forensics for a 360-degree view of the risk for each client, wallet, or transaction 
  • Comply with FATF R.15.7b obligations by extending “travel rule” data into your preferred applications via the iComply API or Widget Push Notifications

Automate Know-Your-Customer Tasks

  • Verify clients’ identities in under 20 seconds via digitized client onboarding workflows to authenticate and verify documents, biometrics, and identities
  • Segment your customer base and search profiles based on specific requirements with modular and jurisdictional scenarios
  • Maintain a 360-degree view of your customers’ risk data (PEP, adverse media, relevant sanctions) across all relevant jurisdictions and time zones
  • Support identity documents from over 200 jurisdictions with our online identity verification services to better detect fraud and user errors
  • Save time and money by using the capture feature to capture and authenticate KYC information during onboarding. When you are ready to accept the client, request KYC services on-demand

Stay Ahead in an Ever-changing Regulatory Environment

  • Easily maintain your compliance widgets with new or updated workflows and requirements by specific jurisdiction, risk level, or user group
  • Closely monitor the shifting Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) regulatory landscape with iComply’s robust KYC & AML program
  • Ensure that you comply with the highest BSA/AML standards with robust sanctions screening, politically exposed person screening (PEPs), and adverse media data
  • Protect the reputation of your business by utilizing a trusted, institutional-grade AML provider in the virtual asset industry
  • Safeguard your business with audit trails to provide evidence to your banking partners that your anti-money laundering policies and procedures are of the highest quality

Case Study: ALT 5 SIGMA

Alt 5 Sigma is a digital assets trading & custodian platform.

Using iComply, Alt 5 Sigma automated over 90% of their compliance lifecycle tasks.

Learn how in this case study.

Case Study: Timechain

Timechain is a money service business and a provider of blockchain technology for real assets.

Using iComply, Timechain satisfy audits and reporting requirements 99% more effectively

Learn how in this case study.

Download: Implementing a Risk Based Approach in Virtual Assets

Cryptocurrency adoption has seen remarkable growth over the last few years—resulting in new types of businesses that financial markets have never seen before.

Learn how to take a more active role and determine how best to enter this market, while still maintaining a risk-based approach to your anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC), and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance.