Leading Intelligent Compliance Management solutions.

iComply for Payments Industry

iComply provides a robust AML and CFT screening and monitoring solution for various types of payment companies–from Neo banks to eWallets–that can be easily customized to fit your company’s unique back-end workflows.

Automate your client onboarding and enhance the daily ongoing monitoring of your customers to ensure regulatory compliance and to reduce the manual workload in your payments business.

Challenger / Neo Banks

eWallets & eMoney


Mobile Money

Payment Processors, Aggregators, Acquirers, and Gateways

Pre-paid Cards

Remittance & FX Brokers

Virtual Currencies & Exchanges

Virtual Currencies & Bitcoin

Quickly Onboard Customers and Clear Payments

  • Monitor payments in real-time and get suspicious activity alerts to manage your AML risks
  • Reduce false positives and noise to focus on actionable data by customizing workflows that suit the needs of your business
  • Comply with regulatory obligations while maintaining a smooth and positive customer experience
  • Stay ahead of shifting regulations with automated updates to sanctions, watchlists, adverse media, and political exposure data with our overnight refreshes

Build a Better Relationship with Your Bank

  • Protect your relationship with your bank by leveraging our banking-grade compliance software built according to the highest industry standards
  • Screen all payments and monitor transactions against the most extensive, up-to-date database of sanctions and PEPs
  • Ensure that your banking partner is confident you are compliant with the most current KYC and AML regulations worldwide

Drag & Drop Integration Made Easy: No Development Skills Required

  • Create drag-and-drop widgets for easy, secure deployment into any website, client portal, or mobile application
  • Stop fussing with API integrations and maintenance and streamline your compliance workflows
  • Eliminate the need for your end-users to download apps on their devices, streamlining the onboarding experience