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iComply for Capital Markets Industry

Corporations, investment firms, and fund managers are facing sophisticated compliance challenges as they are screening their retail and institutional clients for risks and to accurately verify sources of wealth.

To help these major industry players meet strict anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorist financing (CTF), and other regulatory requirements, iComply provides a set of banking-grade compliance tools for capital markets.

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Hedge Funds

Investment Banking

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Onboard Customers Safely and Easily

  • Digitally transform your onboarding procedures to provide your clients with a smoother, more enjoyable user experience
  • Verify clients in under 20 seconds via digitized client onboarding workflows to authenticate and verify documents, biometrics, and identities
  • Support identity documents from over 200 jurisdictions with our online identity verification services to better detect fraud and user errors
  • Understand the full picture of your clients’ risks including the source of income, wealth, and proof of residency documentation


Monitor Risk Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

  • Perform ongoing AML monitoring (sanctions, watchlists, PEPs and adverse media) and set custom alerts for periodic re-screening
  • Segment your customer base and search profiles by relevant requirements with modular and jurisdictional scenarios
  • Perform enhanced due diligence investigations into both customer and third-party risk
  • Configure continuous screening and receive real-time profile updates on existing customers
  • Reduce false positives and noise with the help of fuzzy matching and Levenshtein distance algorithms
  • Receive instant notifications when your customers’ risk profile changes, months ahead of a periodic refresh, with our daily monitoring feature


Plug & Play Widgets for Simple Integration

  • Create drag-and-drop widgets for easy, secure deployment into any website, client portal, or mobile application
  • Integrate your transaction monitoring tools to trigger identity verification or biometric facial recognition workflows for your user in real-time
  • Witness e-signatures and document the legal identity of every signatory with biometric facial matching that is performed 100% client-side directly on the user’s device
  • Stop fussing with API integrations and maintenance: iComply’s RESTful APIs allow for convenient and intelligent integration
  • Eliminate the need for your users to download apps and deliver a true omni-channel online experience
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and time to launch with click-to-deploy compliance tools that securely handle your client’s sensitive personal information