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November 2020 Regulatory Updates

Nov 23, 2020 | Compliance Updates, iComply Insights

Regulatory Actions and Updates from Around the Globe

Enforcement Highlights – November 2020


Hong Kong: The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong fined Credit Suisse Securities $2.1 million for regulatory breaches resulting in failures in its electronic trading systems.


United Kingdom: The Financial Conduct Authority imposed a £3.44 million penalty on TFS-ICAP Ltd, an FX options broker, for communicating misleading information to clients.


USA: The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States charged Benja Inc., a San Francisco-based e-commerce startup, with defrauding investors, providing forged contracts and bank statements.


USA: The SEC filed actions against three investment advisory firms whose failure to implement written policies and procedures resulted in violations of the Investment Advisers Act in connection with sales of complex exchange-traded products.


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