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March 2021 Regulatory Updates

Apr 1, 2021 | Compliance Updates, iComply Insights

Regulatory Actions and Updates from Around the Globe

Enforcement Highlights
– March 2021


United States: 


  • The SEC charged the founder of San Francisco-based biotech company uBiome for defrauding investors out of USD $60 million with false claims of the company’s successful business model and track record.  


  • The SEC charged 7 individuals and tech company Airborne Wireless Network with running a fraudulent fundraising scheme that generated nearly USD $45 million.


  • The SEC charged private investor George Heckler for running a decade-long scheme defrauding investors of over USD $90 million through two private hedge funds.


  • The SEC charged Seth P. Levine, owner of real estate firm Norse Holdings, LLC, that defrauding at least 60 people out of millions based on false and misleading claims about real estate investments.


  • The SEC took action against California-based stock trader Andrew L. Fassari (known as @OCMillionaire on Twitter) for a $900K fraudulent Twitter scheme for a now-defunct cannabis company.


United Kingdom:


  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) fined over £530,000 24 Hour Trading Academy for giving unauthorized trading advice via Whatsapp to consumers.


  • The FCA fined experienced trader Mr. Adrian Geoffrey Horn £52,500 for executing trades with himself (“wash trading”) and prohibited him from participating in regulated activities.


Hong Kong:


  • The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong fined Yardley Securities Limited $5 million for failing to comply with AML/CFT regulatory requirements while handling third-party fund transfers.


  • SFC reprimanded and fined Sino-Rich Securities & Futures Limited $7.2 million for failures in complying with AML/CFT regulatory requirements when handling cash deposits and third-party fund transfers.



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