Eurojust (European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation)

The European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (Eurojust) supports the large-scale judicial coordination and cooperation between nations to combat terrorism and serious organized crime affecting multiple EU countries.
This effort involves:
– coordinating investigations and prosecutions involving at least 2 countries;
– helping to resolve conflicts across jurisdictions; and
– facilitating the drafting and implementation of EU legal instruments, such as European Arrest Warrants and confiscation and freezing orders.

Formed in 2001 under the Swedish Presidency of the European Union, the European Council, in its Conclusion 46, agreed that Eurojust be created and consist of prosecutors, magistrates, and competent police officers, detached from each Member State according to its own legal system. Since 2002, Eurojust has grown tremendously, and with it, its operations and involvement in the European judicial community.