KYB — know your business

Collect, organize, and analyze Corporate KYC data for everyone from ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) to complex legal entities. Onboard clients, manage risk, and maintain a robust global compliance program that enables your team to make informed business decisions, in real-time.

organizations and individuals on the same platform


Quickly and efficiently validate both individuals and legal entities anywhere in the world with secure, streamlined workflows.


Leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and process automation to save time and reduce total cost of ownership without sacrificing security.


Build a comprehensive, cutting-edge compliance platform from the ground up, or seamlessly integrate our solutions into your existing workflows.

mitigate risk

Give your team a 360-degree view of risk screening data for complex legal entities. Leverage banking-grade compliance tools to meet the highest anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorist financing (CTF), and other global regulatory standards in any jurisdiction you serve.

  • Use artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to quickly trigger KYC requests, link entities, and reviews.
  • Enhanced Due Diligence with over 150M trusted data sources for manual and automated screening.
  • Reduce false positives with fuzzy matching, Levenshtein distance algorithms, and Natural Language Processing (NPL) technology for intelligent adjudication.

streamline workflows

From verification to resolution, iComply provides complete solutions to collect, organize, and adjudicate legal entity information securely.

  •  Segment your customer base and search profiles by relevant requirements with modular and jurisdictional scenarios.
  • Automatically trigger supporting document requests, enhanced due diligence, case escalations, and more.
  • Witness eSignatures and document the legal identity of every signatory using biometric facial matching with secure client-side processing tools.

maintain compliance

Gain confidence with modular compliance tools that meet the regulations in every ISO 3166 jurisdiction. Maintain a complete view of complex legal entities’ data, whether your organization is small or a large multinational firm.

  • Build unique workflows based on client type, jurisdictional requirements, and other relevant factors.
  • Set automated refresh and review dates, escalations, and reporting for all of your entities and cases.
  • Fast, fully-integrated KYC and AML reporting via CSV or REST API.

iComplyKYC: the modular compliance framework

Build a complete compliance platform with our fully-integrated suite of industry-leading tools.


A revolutionary, end-to-end approach to Know Your Customer platforms.


Dedicated, comprehensive compliance tools for simple and complex legal entities.

Digital Identity Verification

Safe, secure identity validation that protects organizations and their clients.

Robust Compliance Workflows

All-in-one platforms for organizations across industries of all sizes and scopes, serving nearly 250 jurisdictions.